Our campgrounds and parks are spectacular

Our campgrounds have overhead lights and running water, the way nature intended.

To truly experience the Northwest Territories, visit our Territorial Parks and Campgrounds. The best way to experience them is to hit our highways for a driving adventure. You will follow long ribbons of road through vast landscapes with unrivaled vistas - scenic boreal forests, breathtaking waterfalls, mountains, plains and valleys. You’ll want to savour the wide-open spaces and quiet of the wilderness.

You’ll find countless places to camp, fish, view wildlife, canoe, pick berries, take a photo or a hike. In all our parks you will find yourself surrounded with wild beauty and lulled by the whispers of history. You’ll immerse yourself in the ancient heritage of our aboriginal people. 

Whatever region you find yourself in, there will be a campground or park to explore. Many offer breathtaking waterfalls or scenic campgrounds that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Booking a campground is easy through the Government of Northwest Territories online booking system at nwtparks.ca/campgrounds. Bookings open up on April 11, 2018 and fill up quickly, so don’t wait to make your booking!

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