Lake Trout

Salvelinus namaycush

Average weight:  4.5 to 18 kg (10 to 40 lbs)

For spectacular Lake Trout sport, try a fly rod and wet flies. Trout are the top predators in our large, cold, deep northern lakes, and many fishers try spin casting or trolling to lure them. They change habitat with changes in water temperature, presenting a seasonal challenge.

Lake Trout are the largest trout, with trophies measured up to 35 kg (77 lbs).  They have a deeply forked tail, and colours grade from light green or grey to almost black, with light spots.  In early summer, large Lake Trout will take silver spoons, wigglers, spinners, surface plugs and dry flies. In mid-summer, you’ll need jigs and buzz bombs to reach down to cold water. Northerners eat the small ones and let the lunkers live. Their delicious flesh varies from ivory to deep pink. Cook a small one over a campfire for a spectacular shore lunch.


Other Species

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Fierce fighters, and the most succulent shore-lunch in the North.