Arctic Grayling

Thymallus Arcticus

Average weight:  0.4 to 0.9 kg (1 to 2 lbs)

The Arctic Grayling rivals the smallmouth bass with its jarring strikes, spectacular aerial somersaults, short powerful runs, and a preference for avoiding the net. Relatively rare in the south because they are sensitive to pollution, “bluefish” still school in northern rivers and streams. Anglers admire their sail-like dorsal fin, their dark blue irridescent colour, and their tasty sweet flesh, cooked fresh from the lake

Grayling over 2.2 kg (5 lbs) have been caught in the Northwest Territories. Dry flies such as Wulff, Adams and hairwing patterns are usually effective. Lures include small spinners and spoons, size 0-1 Mepps and small rubber jigs.



Other Species

Snakes. Northerns. Jackfish. Whatever you call 'em, you'll be reeling 'em in....

Here be monsters – the largest of their kind in the world.

The salmon of the Arctic, spawning in waters near you. 

Funny looking. Yummy eating. Always great to catch.  

Attractive. Agressive. A fly-fisher's dream. 

French for "unknown." English for "catch of the day."  

Looking for a fly-fishing challenge? Look no further: 

Fierce fighters, and the most succulent shore-lunch in the North.