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Minibus excursions are available in Inuvik, Yellowknife and Hay River. Day trips offer a view of the mountains north of the Arctic Circle, the Ingraham Trail, the ice roads in season, or wood bison grazing along the highway. Or explore the unique waterfalls of the southern Northwest Territories. If you want to travel by bus, scheduled passenger service links Hay River to Fort Smith, and Hay River to Enterprise, Fort Providence, Behchokǫ̀, and Yellowknife, and Yellowknife to Behchokǫ̀.

Our Stories

Intriguing tales from Canada's Northwest Territories

Can't sleep? Racing pulse? Breathless? You’ve likely come down with Aurora Borealis. 

When the going gets rough, waddaya do? You travel like a true Northerner. 

Too distant? That's not even close to true. We're within reach – but beyond belief. ...

One of the most popular parks in the Northwest Territories, Twin Falls boasts a wealth of attractions. The park, 75 kilometres north of the Alberta border, stretches along the rim of Twin Falls Gorge, encompassing 32-metre-high Alexnadra Falls, where the Hay River...

Just a few dozen metres from the heart of Enterprise, the earth falls away and a gaping chasm yawns. This is the Twin Falls Gorge, a Grand Canyon in miniature. Here, sheer limestone walls glitter like shimmering sand, while the rim is lined with a dark wall of...

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