Blanchet Island Sea Kayak

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Dan Wong 
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Blanchet Island Sea Kayak

Offer Date: 
August 18, 2018

The fabled East Arm of Great Slake Lake has a spectacular reputation among locals, and for good reason. It features deep, clear water with abundant islands, narrow channels with tall red cliffs, and world-class fishing. 

If the North has been on your bucket list for ages, these majestic islands offer a place like no others: unspoiled, remote, and iconic. Blanchet Island supports bald eagles, terns and gulls. Breathtaking cliffs on both islands are built from rock as old as 2.7-billion years (the oldest in the world), making for some of the most epic campsites you’ll ever experience. If fishing is your thing, you’ll definitely want to bring a fishing rod to enjoy the seemingly bottomless depths surrounding these islands. They are swarming with trophy-sized lake trout. And because the lake is clean and cold, fish keep near the surface in summer, making for plenty fishing opportunities from a kayak and from camp.

To add an element of magic to these expeditions, we’ve picked dates to take advantage of autumn Aurora season. As you tip your head back in awe to catch the glittering lights dancing across the sky, we’ll show you the best of our spectacular Aurora. Great Slave Lake lies directly in the magnetic “Aurora Belt”, which means it’s one of the most reliable places on earth to spot the northern lights.

  • Full-day boat shuttle and float plane charter
  • Experienced sea kayak guides
  • High-end Seaward fiberglass sea kayaks (single and tandem) and high quality paddles, spray-decks and other safety equipment
  • PFDs (you are free to bring your own)
  • Group gear for each expedition (tarp, kitchen equipment, utensils, water filtration, etc)
  • Gourmet meals three times a day plus snacks while on trip
  • First aid and kayak repair kits
  • Communication devices (satellite phone and Garmin Inreach)
  • Shuttles from the Yellowknife Airport to local accommodations, and back to the airport