Arctic Photography Adventure




Contact Name:Margaret Peterson
Phone: 867-920-4654
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Arctic Photography Adventure

Offer Date: 
Starting September 01, 2019

Your adventure begins in Yellowknife where you will enjoy two days of exploration and photo-shooting before flying over 200 miles north to Point Lake for a five night stay at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge. Each day you will explore the Arctic landscape with our team of professional guides and photo lead.  In addition to photo-shooting wildlife and the aurora your experience can be enhanced with the possibility of seeing grizzly bears, wolves, tundra swans, ptarmigan, falcons and more.

Package Includes:

  • Two nights accommodation in Yellowknife
  • Two Aurora Viewing Tours
  • Yellowknife City Tour
  • Great Slave Lake Boating Tour/Ingraham Trail Tour
  • Return floatplane charter flight to Peterson's Point Lake Lodge
  • Three delicious meals per day (including packed or shore lunch)
  • Furnished modern cabin accommodations
  • Guided Daily Excursions (fishing option included)
  • Wifi 
  • Hot Shower & Sauna
  • Personalized shuttle to and from the Yellowknife airport, hotel & float base.