True North Safaris and Mackay Lake Lodge

We have been providing outfitting services in the Central Barren Lands north of Yellowknife since 1983. We offer hunting safaris for caribou, black bear, arctic wolf, guided by experienced professionals. We also offer fishing expeditions by the hour, day or week.

Contact Name: 
Gary Jaeb
Primary Phone Number:
(867) 873-8533
Yellowknife, NT
All-Inclusive Fishing Lodge
Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, Lake Trout

Located a one-hour flight from Yellowknife, Mackay Lake Lodge combines the comforts of home with a rustic character that lends itself to this magic land. Our facilities include private cabin accommodation, indoor plumbing, guest lounge and a restaurant style kitchen. Modern boats and motors, freezers, laundry service and an airstrip all combine to make MacKay Lake Lodge the premier wilderness lodge in the Northwest Territories. In addition to the main lodge, we have several outpost tent camps that can be used for overnight camping. The 100 mile-long lake is fed by a number of pristine rivers, making it the ideal habitat for giant Lake Trout, Northern Pike and Arctic Grayling.

The sport fishing season typically begins on July 1st as the ice goes off the lake and the midnight sun lights the skies. The season winds down by the end of September.There is an abundance of wildlife that is unique to the Canadian Arctic. The migration of the Bathurst Caribou herd is a true spectacle of nature. It can be witnessed annually at MacKay Lake Lodge. Wildlife in the area also includes muskox, Arctic wolves, bears and a large number of migratory birds.

Aurora Viewing

Travel to MacKay Lake Lodge to see the stunning Northern Lights. Semi-private cabin accommodations for couples or shared up to 4 persons. Meals including northern cuisine buffet, group pot variety, and shore lunches cooked on open fires.

Activities include:
Night time aurora viewing from the lodge
Day time boating, fishing and wildlife viewing
Day time hiking, wildlife viewing and berry picking
Day time shore lunch with boat trip

Barrenlands Hunting
Summer, Winter

Wolves, black bear and small game hunts are available. Please contact us for more information

Ice Roads

Experience the barrenlands with the “Ice Road Truckers”. Drive to a diamond mine on the longest ice road in the world. Feel the magic of the aurora under the clearest sky in the world. Take a dog team ride back in time.