Peterson's Point Lake Lodge

Our lodge sets the scene for different types of adventures depending on the experience you choose. The wonders include: experiencing incredible fishing, capturing the northern lights, migratory wildlife and the tundra during its blazing fall colours as well as tasting indigenous northern foods. Offering packages to outdoor enthusiasts for over 25 years we provide you with expert knowledge in a fun and safe environment. Air access is from Yellowknife.


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Margaret or Amanda Peterson
Primary Phone Number:
(867) 920-4654
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(867) 920-4654
P.O. Box 447
Yellowknife, NT

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All-Inclusive Fishing Lodge
Lake Trout

Our all-inclusive fly-out trips to Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge will capture your sense of adventure. Catch monster-sized fish and photograph the spectacular Barrens. Comfortable lodge/dining room/lounge and guest cabins, showers. Thoughtfully prepared meals compliment a fantastic day of fishing or photo shooting.

For just a few glorious weeks we offer exceptional fishing for trophy lake trout - our specialty at Peterson's Point Lake Lodge. Forget what you thought you knew about fishing for lake trout. Fishing here isn't like fishing anywhere else! At Peterson'€™s trout are found in shallow water all summer long (15"€™ - 25"€™) making them the hardest fighting most aggressive fresh water fish you'€™ve battled. Here you will find some of the most satisfying fishing opportunities of your life whether you choose to troll, fly fish or jig. Get ready to set your hook, keep a tight line and reel in a trophy lake trout. Point Lake is teeming with fish and anglers consistently pull out trophy lakers up to 40lbs. Our current record is 58lbs.

Aurora Day Trips
Summer, Winter

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Nature & Wildlife
Summer, Winter

At Peterson's you have the opportunity to observe and photograph migratory birds including tundra swans, arctic terns and peregrine falcons during our annual Arctic Photography Adventure Workshop. Other migratory wildlife including barrenground caribou and grizzly bears are also commonly sighted during this time. As well, you will be able to experience the beautiful northern lights.

Specialized Tours

September 01-08
Our annual Arctic Photography Workshop is for : all levels of photographers or anyone interested in exploring the tundra, viewing nature and the northern lights will enjoy this adventure. There will be opportuities to view  migratory wildlife including barrenground caribou and grizzly bears. as well as tundra swans, ptarmigan, peregrine falcons and arctic terns. After a day of exploration you will stay in comfortable shared cabins, enjoy hearty meals professionally prepared by our cook and enjoy a hot shower and sauna. 

Facilities Aurora Lodge
Summer, Winter

Our lodge is ideal for workshops and assorted activities for 12-14 people. Our remote location will enable your staff to concentrate on meeting objectives without office distractions. You can get to know the talents and qualities of everyone on your team in a new environment, outside the office. Renew your team spirit and revitalize staff morale by combining your business meeting with fantastic fishing, experiencing the intricate beauty of the tundra and learning about early explorers and aboriginal peoples who travelled through this area.

Wilderness Lodge
Summer, Winter


This tour offers you an exciting opportunity to develop your digital photographic abilities with a professional photographer while capturing the stunning beauty of the North. Our seven night program gives you the opportunity to take photos of northern, migratory wildlife and birds, including barrenground caribou, grizzly bears, tundra swans and peregrine falcons. View special points of interest while in the City of Yellowknife before flying to Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge. It’s not just flying 200 miles over the taiga shield to the tundra that gives you the sense of adventure, it is discovering the intricate beauty of the tundra and learning about the history of early explorers as well as aboriginal people who traveled through this area.