Fast Facts - Yellowknife

The Sunniest Skies

According to meteorologists, Yellowknife enjoys more summertime sunshine than any other city in Canada. Bluebird skies are the rule from April through August. With almost continuous brilliant conditions, getting out on the water and the land is alluring. Then again, so is kicking back on a patio, sipping a pint and soaking up the midnight sun.  

The Best Aurora

Why? First, the skies. In Yellowknife, the late summer/winter nights are long and almost always clear. Second, the aurora-watching guides: They have years of experience and are eager to show you the lights from the comfort of a heated lounge chair, a dogsled or a hot tub. Lastly, the lights themselves: Thanks to our geographic location – directly under the “auroral oval” – they blaze above Yellowknife 200+ nights per year. 

The Most Flights

One of Canada’s leading air hubs, Yellowknife sees more takeoffs and landings than any other city its size. The territorial capital enjoys direct jet service from Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton, Iqaluit and Whitehorse, and sends smaller aircraft to dozens of Northern communities, and floatplanes and ski-planes deep into the backcountry. 

The Coolest Neighbourhood

There’s no neighbourhood in Canada quite as charming as Old Town Yellowknife. Here, mansions, cabins and tipis sit side by side. Floatplanes buzz the skies while sailboats, paddleboards and houseboats bob on the waves. The North’s most famous restaurant is here, and its newest brewpub, along with historic monuments, scenic viewpoints, great galleries and more.