What to Do

Dip a toe, or more, in the Arctic Ocean! Canada's third ocean is accessible right from the beach at Tuktoyaktuk.

Get a tan at midnight under the midnight sun. As both Inuvik and Tuk are north of the Arctic Circle, the sun won't set in these communities for several months in the summer.

Participate in the Great Northern Arts Festival - take artist workshops and dance to northern tunes.

Explore the culture and history. The Western Arctic region of the Northwest Territories is a vast area with a heritage and culture that reaches thousands of years into the past. This is the land of the Inuvialuit and the Gwich'in, people who have made a living here for many hundreds of years. There is a natural flow to the pace of life, and an ageless tradition of hospitality. How you experience the Western Arctic is up to you!

Take in a flightseeing trip to a fly-in community to get a bird's eye view of the unique and haunting Arctic tundra landscape. 

Visit us during winter to explore the ice road to Aklavik, and go dogsledding or ice fishing. The Aurora sometimes graces the sky, and the winter light can be haunting as the sun doesn't rise for more than 30 days in early December to mid-January.