Need to Know

road to tuk with pingo
The Road to Tuk is 138 km of packed gravel, and shale in some places, over a winding permafrost route. It might be a permanent road, but a rip up the 401 to Grandma’s house for Sunday dinner, this is not. Here’s everything you need to prepare for your drive to the Arctic Ocean. 

How long does it take to drive? 

While the 138 km could take as little as 2 to 2 1/2 hours to drive, we recommend you allow at least 3 1/2 hours or more so you have time to stop at several pull-outs and admire the dramatic and unique scenery.

What are the road conditions?

The road is subject to closures and maintenance based upon the weather. Before setting out in your car, truck, or RV, make sure the road is indeed open to vehicle traffic, and what weight of vehicles are allowed on. Road conditions and warnings are available by checking the Highway Conditions Website or by calling 1-800-661-0750. Note that during the time of spring thaw (May and early June) the road is more likely to have longer periods of construction repair and closure.

Know the RCMP numbers if you require emergency assistance: 867-777-1111 in Inuvik and 867-977-1111 in Tuk. 

Is your vehicle road-ready?

  • Make sure your car or truck is in good working order. 
  • Check the weather conditions and pack appropriately: extra warm clothes, sleeping bags and bug spray.
  • Pack extra food and water and be sure to gas up in Inuvik as there are no fuel stations between Inuvik and Tuk.
  • Things to carry: extra fuel, a spare tire, jumper cables, first aid kit, tow rope, axe, knife and candles.
  • Be prepared to spend a night along the highway, in case of an emergency.

When you’re out on the road

Wear your seatbelt and keep headlights on. Be aware of changing conditions and drive with caution. Reduce your speed around other vehicles as it will minimize the chance that flying rocks will hit the cars and windshields. Share your travel plans with others and check in so they know you’ve reached your destination safely.

When you come to the end of the road

Planned campgrounds and parks are not available at this time, although planning is in the works for them in the future. Tenting in Tuk is allowed (and recommended). There are several B&Bs in the community. Be sure to check ahead of time to see if there is a vacancy, and book in advance of your trip.