Drive the Inuvik-Tuk Highway

For years, the only road to Tuktoyaktuk was a winter road made up of frozen channels of the Mackenzie River and even the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean. Once spring thaw set in, the little hamlet on the shores of the Beaufort Sea was fly-in only. The new Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway has changed all that and now you can be among the first to drive the all-season road all the way to the Arctic Ocean!

The road begins at the town of Inuvik, the terminus of the fabled Dempster Highway. From there, it winds through the Mackenzie Delta, past the tree line, around the Husky Lakes, across Pingo-dotted tundra and finally up to Tuktoyaktuk. Depending on the time of year, it can be possible to see wildlife ranging from ptarmigan to Grizzly bear to caribou.. 

This isn’t any ordinary road trip. Driving up to the edge of the continent is an wilderness adventure second to none. Read on to ensure you and your car are properly prepared for this epic Arctic trip.

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