Getting to the South Slave

Getting to the South Slave

By Road

All the communities of the South Slave are road accessible. The South Slave is linked to Alberta via Highway 35, which, at the territorial border, becomes Northwest Territories Highway 1 (the Mackenzie Highway). The region is also connected to northern B.C. via Highway 7 (the Liard Trail). Car and truck rentals are available, and there’s bus service linking Hay River and Fort Smith to Fort Providence and onward to Yellowknife.

Edmonton-Hay River: 1,093 kilometres
Yellowknife-Hay River: 481 kilometres
Fort Nelson, B.C.-Hay River: 1,190 kilometres
Hay River-Fort Smith: 272 kilometres

By Air

Hay River and Fort Smith are the major airports in the South Slave, receiving daily flights from Edmonton and Yellowknife. Scheduled air service is not available to other South Slave communities. 
Routes & Airlines:
Edmonton-Fort Smith (Northwestern Air Lease)
Edmonton-Hay River (Northwestern Air Lease)
Yellowknife-Fort Smith (Northwestern Air Lease)
Yellowknife-Hay River (Buffalo, First Air)
Fort Smith-Hay River (Northwestern Air Lease)