Population: 122

Scenically situated beside the Hay River canyon at the junction of Highways 1 and 2, this settlement is the gateway to the South Slave. Just 83 kilometers north of the NWT border, and within hiking-and-biking distance of Louise and Alexandra Falls, it’s the first place North of 60 to get gas, groceries, a motel room, a restaurant meal, or shop for local arts and crafts.



Location: 60°33′ N, 113°09′ W
Population: 109
Setting: At the rim of the Hay River Gorge approximately 30 kilometres south of Great Slave Lake
Record high / low: 36.7°C / -48.3°C
Languages: English
Ethnicities: Non-Indigenous, Dene (South Slavey and Chipewyan)
Getting here: By road, 84 kilometres north of the Alberta border and 38 kilometres southwest of Hay River
Founded in: Beginning in 1948, service stations and other transportation infrastructure developed at this site – the intersection between roads leading south to Alberta, northeast to Hay River, and northwest to Yellowknife
Best daytrip: Hiking the scenic, forested trail between Alexandra and Louise Falls in Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park


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Adjacent to the visitor information centre, this park has a scenic picnic area overlooking the beautiful Hay River, plus seven non-powered campsites nestled amongst birch and aspen trees. Entering the Northwest Territories from Alberta, the friendly staff at...

This park is what we call a "destination park," and with good reason. The sights to be seen are spectacular, the camping facilities excellent, the peace and tranquility are another world. The park has three main areas, located between the Mackenzie Highway...

Following the rim of the gorgeous Hay River canyon, the easy Twin Falls Gorge trail begins at the community of Enterprise and leads south for eight kilometres through luxuriant boreal forest. Along the way you'll enjoy interpretive signage, great views...

A four-kilometre dayhike downriver from Alexandra Falls or upriver from Enterprise, this tiered, 15-metre-high cataract in the Hay River Canyon can be viewed from one of the finest (and most popular) campgrounds in the Northwest Territories. 

A mandatory stop on the drive North of Sixty, this booming, 10-storey spillover on the Hay River is the centerpiece of Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park, not far from Enterprise. Shockingly, in 2003, an American daredevil kayaked the falls – and lived.

One of the most popular parks in the Northwest Territories, Twin Falls boasts a wealth of attractions. The park, 75 kilometres north of the Alberta border, stretches along the rim of Twin Falls Gorge, encompassing 32-metre-high Alexnadra Falls, where the Hay River...

Just a few dozen metres from the heart of Enterprise, the earth falls away and a gaping chasm yawns. This is the Twin Falls Gorge, a Grand Canyon in miniature. Here, sheer limestone walls glitter like shimmering sand, while the rim is lined with a dark wall of...