Fast Facts - Dehcho

The Tallest Peak

Deep in the Mackenzie Range, the NWT’s tallest peak stands 9,098 feet tall. Though climbers often call it Mount Nirvana, the mountain does not have an official name.

The Newest Route

The Dehcho is home to the NWT’s newest roads: The Liard Trail opened in 1983, the road to Wrigley in 1994, the Jean Marie River road in 1997, and the road to the Liard River opposite Nahanni Butte in 2010.

The Highest Falls

With a surface area of four acres and a flow-rate of 3 billion cubic feet per day, Virginia Falls, or Náilicho, could fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in 2.5 seconds. 

The Warmest Weather

The Dehcho community of Fort Liard is known as the North’s garden spot, with luxuriant gardens, tall trees, and July average high temperatures of 23.2°C.

The Prettiest River

Paddlers on the mighty Mackenzie River revel in the scenery as the current pours through the Dehcho region. Elsewhere broad and sluggish, the Mackenzie narrows and races along near Jean Marie River. At Fort Simpson it is joined by the powerful Liard, and then 150 kilometres later, at Camsell Bend, it presses up against the Mackenzie Mountains and turns northbound for the Arctic Sea.